Wireless connection says validating identity

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In order to remedy this – · Follow the instructions for the Communications or Connections errors in the General or Installation questions.Often, just ensuring the system clock is set correctly will resolve these issues.Your Fast Connect™ is constantly monitoring, verifying and validating the IP addresses and sign-in procedures for more than 8,000 financial sites.That means you'll be signing into a legitimate Web site, not a fake one.Click this link to verify your purchase,” and upon clicking the link, a very real looking website opens, and you are prompted to enter a card number, account number, SSN, etc.– some unique identifier for you, in order to see the “order.” In fact, by entering the information, you are providing your account credentials to the felons.

If our PIN service cannot communicate with your computer, your secure accounts will not open, and if our Update service cannot communicate, you will not receive Updates to the database or other services.The backup file will be PIN protected so make sure to remember the PIN you are using at the time you create the backup.Once a location is determined, click to “Save,” and the “ You can’t.The thieves then capture and use that information to their advantage.A typical “phishing” scam would be an e-mail from a large bank stating, “We have charged your account .00 for the items you ordered.

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