Who was the married man fantasia is dating

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At just 20–years–old, Walt and his friends were a bunch of kids making fun and impromptu short films based on contemporised fairytales through a process of trial and error. A company called Pictorial Clubs signed a contract with the Laugh–O–Gram Company that specified that Disney and his co-workers would get ,100 for their Laugh-O-Grams.

The contract was set out so that they would get their money down the track.

However, thanks to the Pictorial Clubs ordeal, half–way through the project Walt was broke and Laugh-O-Grams went out of business.

When the distributer offered him a deal, Walt asked his brother Roy and best friend Iwerks to join him, and together they began the Disney Brothers’ Studio. It was distributed by Universal – the first major company to distribute one of Disney’s cartoons. It was so successful that it was shown in major theatres around the country with first–run films.

He spent the remainder of the war in France, where he drove ambulances and then helped with post–war operations.

While in France he began a life–long habit of smoking.

When Walt returned to his family in Kansas, his bother Roy helped him get a job at the Pesmen–Rubin Art Studio.

Here, he created advertisements for newspapers and magazines.

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