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Dylan Everett does a phenomenal job of portraying someone who feels trapped and confused in the raging sea of his own emotions.The part that keeps this storyline so engaging is the fact that there’s no small reason for Cam’s anxiety, and there‘s no simple solution for it either.

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Cam overhears the rest of the hockey guys talking about him, and he chugs an entire carton of milk before entering the locker room.During the final seconds of a hockey game, Cam tries to go for the game-winning shot by himself and fails, causing his teammates to be mad at him.The next day Maya, Tori and Tristan tell Cam he needs to take a break from hockey and hang out with them so he can stop feeling down on himself, but he declines because he can’t miss hockey practice without a good excuse.Kevin asks KC to help him put together a resumé so he can get a job, and KC agrees.During academic quiz team practice KC receives and “emergency” text from his mom, but comes home to find out it was good news: Kevin got a job at a restaurant.

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