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Hypervelocity impact (HVI) characteristics of Ti6Al4V/Ly12 Al/polyamide fibre density-grade thin-plate are investigated experimentally in a velocity range of 4.0–6.5 km/s by using two-stage light gas gun.The perforation in target, damage to witness wall, and ballistic limit curve are obtained and compared with those in the case of aluminum thin-plate.And 5 m long fiber can reach 8.12 W continuous laser output, in which the slope efficiency is 55.9% and performs good amplification effect.Besides, the extinction ratio is about 10 d B, which indicates good polarization performance of the fiber.The excellent optical properties not only affirm the success of sol-gel coassembled macroporous silica inverse opals on cylindrical substrates, but also introduce PBG materials to meet the requirements of the practical applications of optical communication, optical switching and sensors.A local micro-structured long-period fiber grating (LMSLPFG) is proposed and investigated experimentally.

A 2 m long photonic crystal fiber laser generates up to 1.64 W output power with a slope efficiency of 49.8%.

The results show that dielectric-loaded metal grating can effectively weaken the structure dispersion, and that with the increases of relative dielectric permittivity, groove width and depth, the dispersion curve becomes flatter and moves toward low frequency.

When the electron beam voltage or current changes, the first-order growth rate curve can only roughly describe the change trend, while the second-order growth rate can accurately show the change values.

Through simulated calculation, the mode area of the double clad polarization maintaining photonic crystal fiber reaches about 232 μm.

In experiment, amplification tests of both pulse laser and continuous laser are conducted.

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