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Retitled as attempts to fill the need for international construction data to support the preparation of accurate and timely estimates, both for general construction and for process industry construction.The first section of the book provides an introduction to global construction, engineering and procurement and provides extensive tables of North American benchmarks.To find 10,000 Reasons to be grateful can seem a worthless exercise consuming so much time - probably two or three hundred hours will be invested.Nearly two full weeks of effort over a three-and-a-half-month period.Substantial data is also provided for the costs of refurbishing and recycling buildings; labour and plant constants; and building planning, administration and management including green design.Sections on square metre costs and elemental costs provide cost per square metre information for building systems and for complete buildings.This reviewer found the book to be an extremely useful reference volume for many countries and was disappointed when the then publisher, John Wiley & Sons, did not continue to release updated annual editions.Subsequently Mc Conville arranged with Compass International to publish future editions of the book and to maintain the required database to permit annual updates.

United States of America Department of Energy, Federal Energy Management Program and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Office of Applied Economics, Building and Fire Research Laboratory) Rawlhouse Publishing, 16 Tanunda Drive, Rivervale, WA 6103, Australia. The bulk of the book provides detailed unit price information for building components in Adelade, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

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The unit price section of the book gives prices for thousands of items arranged in divisions according to the 2004 CSI Master Format system. Whilst the Facility Managament profession is relatively new this is the 18th annual edition of this publication.

An exhaustive reference section provides construction equipment rental costs, crew sizes and hourly costs, city cost indexes, location factors, change order costs and information, square foot costs, and numerous reference tables. This provides a good indication that RS Means are one of the leading pioneers in providing facility management cost data.

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