Updating resolv conf

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[email protected]:~# resolvconf -l # from eth0# Generated by dhcpcd from eth0domain home search home nameserver [email protected]:~# echo "nameserver" | resolvconf -p -a [email protected]:~# resolvconf -l # from tun0nameserver # from eth0# Generated by dhcpcd from eth0domain home search home nameserver [email protected]:~# cat /etc/# Generated by dhcpcd from eth0# /etc/head can replace this line domain home nameserver # /etc/tail can replace this line When running the command to set the nameserver, I've tried just just the -a option (which ties it to the interface specified) as well as adding the -p, -x, and -u options (making it private, exclusive, and updating "subscribers" respectively) in various combinations.

Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free.Slack Build if [ "$" = "yes" ]; then mkdir -p $PKG/etc/openvpn - $USE_OPENVPN install -m 0755 $CWD/update-resolv-conf $PKG/etc/openvpn/fi mv $PKG/etc/$PKG/etc/new I just want to say thank you for this.And it's a good opportunity to plug Wire Guard, which can now use openresolv in a similar way to Open VPN.Problem is that helper scripts used by resolvconf (libc, dnsmasq,...) are put into the "/usr/lib64/resolvconf" directory as chosen in the Slackbuild installation script by LIBDIRSUFFIX while in the main script (resolvconf) their path is hardcoded as "/usr/lib/resolvconf". I actually emailed their mailing list last night as well and he has provided me similar information (referencing what was probably your communication with him).So if you use 14.2-64 you can modify Slackbuild script (month ago I emailed the mantainer but it is not changed till now) or put manually helper scripts to a proper directory. I'm going to be digging into it tonight when I get home from work, and if it is something that can be corrected in the Slack Build with some sed commands, I'll probably just submit an update for the Slack Build and take over as the maintainer (the original author hasn't updated it since 2013).

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