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Everything was very professional and the whole team (including the captain Jo-Jo) was friendly and humorous. 10 years ago we were on the boat with Total 4 visitors with Dee and her hushband.

If we were still there, we would surely take part of further trips. (And who has not heard of the daily excursions enough: Dee leads also accompanied night snorkeling tours – also a hit! Our friend Dave has been coming for almost 20 years! Dee is very gentle hostess and enthuse all her guests.

Once in the water with you, they guide you through the many different aspects of Reef life. By all means, go to Bonaire and book with the Woodwind early in your stay. Bonaire und haben mit Euch einen superschönen Tag erlebt !! Not scary at all – as you imagine, before you have tried it. We just returned from a cruise that included a stop in Bonaire.

Teaching you about the ecosystem you are about to visit is a very important part of their over-all mission and they do it quite well! That way, you can book a second trip with them before you leave! Die Schnorcheltour war für uns ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis auf unserer gesamten Fahrt durch die Karibik. We saw a scorpionfish, a turle in his cave, lobsters, spotted drum, porcupinefish, trumpetfish, peacock flounder, needlefishes and incredible sponges under the pier. I went on a 5 hours trip with Woodwind to Klein Bonaire. *We had a marvelous time on our snorkel cruise and your crew is outstanding. It was the best snorkeling trip we’ve ever done and the knowledge of the crew was outstanding. Our ship was delayed…but the crew was there at the port and ready for us regardless.

–Mike Rishavy Again this year we made a snorkling trip with the woodwind. Thanks to the whole crew for the hospitality, information, and care. Besonders herzlichen Dank an Dee, die uns im wahrsten Sinne ” an die Hand ” genommen hat. I´m a danish traveljournalist and I met Dee and Woodwind in September 2010. I have been on many snorkeltrips all over the world – incl. We saw so many Hawksbill and Green Turtles we didn´t even count them, squid and a sight I will never forget; two mating Honeycomb Cowfishes. Dorte Tegtmeier, Denmark very well organized and informative. we purchased the cd to go along with the pics/video I took – memories for a lifetime! We have snorkeled many times before…including the Great Barrier Reef.

Die Erinnerungsmünzen haben einen besonderen Platz in unserem Zuhause bekommen. So I saw the turttle and all the beautifull fishes and corals. Great Barrier Reef and Egypt – but I had the best experience with Dee. NEVER BEFORE have we received such outstanding instruction, guidance, education, and service as we did on this snorkel trip. I don’t think anything will ever reach the level of skill that Dee and the rest of the crew showed us.

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One could just relaxed indulge in admiration of the underwater world. Though the ship was about 2 hours late, Dee and her crew were waiting for us.

Wir durften am den ersten Schnorchelausflug unseres Lebens mit Euch erleben. We would especially like to thank Dee (Deirdre) for being such a great guide and taking care of us so well.

Es war für uns der schönste und beste Ausflug unserer Kreuzfahrt. This was the best snorkeling tour we’ve ever taken! This was our ninth trip to Bonaire and we have snorkeled throughout Bonaire but this was our best experience ever.

Ihr seit ein super nettes und professionelles Team. I was pleasantly surprised by the availability of equipment – swim skins and wet suits, and even a prescription mask for me. We will definitely do it again on our next trip – hope to see you in Dec. Dear Woodwind staff, On the 23rd of april 2014 we went for our very first snorkel trip/experience ever.

Dir Liebe Dee nochmals vielen lieben Dank für Deine Maske. It was a great experience, the things we saw (and not) were beautiful.

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