Scientific dating of artifacts

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Cuneiform documents exhibit writing on three-dimensional surfaces.

It was found that conclusive scanning was a challenge using current technologies (Kumar, Snyder, Duncan, Cohen, & Cooper, 2003).These developments have facilitated the use of electronic models and replicas, and have led to numerous organizations, worldwide, increasing research into methods of artifact digitization .(Surendran, Xu, & Stead, 2007) The three main methods of digitization can be broadly defined as contact digitization, image-based digitization (photogrammetry), and geometry-based digitization (laser scanning).With the development of the latter two digitization methods, and advanced rendering technologies, virtual displays and museums can now be used widely.(Hung, 2007) Furthermore, recent developments in interactive 3-D computer graphics technology have seen an increased interest in, and use of, 3-D digitization for cultural heritage objects.

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