Robert wagner stefanie powers dating

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Sometimes after a long day Stefanie would change into a warm-up suit and tennis shoes and bounce off to dinner with Timothy. Her career as an actress began at 15, in a local production of West Side Story. Her home cum zoo in Beverly Hills is populated with dogs, cats and a parrot.

After a number of small TV roles and a fizzle in The Girl From U. When Stefanie travels the world, she seldom stays in hotels; she has friends in every port.

In Mistral’s Powers is as outrageous as her French accent and she seems to be glorying in it. Certainly the surprise cancellation of Hart to Hart brought her up sharply.

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“We’re all big kids, and this is a big business,” she says coolly. It’s not cancer research.” Right now Powers is in the business of image changing, and she’s savvy enough to know that tough women are in season.

And what about that scene where Maggy moans orgasmically as Mistral licks her toes?

Hart co-star Robert Wagner’s attentions to more conventional areas never prompted that kind of reaction.

It soon becomes clear that Powers’ earthy core is a surprise only to those who know her strictly from five years of Hart to Hart.

“You can’t put anything over on her,” says her stand-in, Guylène Péan. “That’s firmness, not toughness,” says Powers in self-defense.

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