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Although Random 1 is no longer on the air, the A&E network granted the team permission to present individual episodes as webcasts, which may be viewed on the show's website.DVD sets of the show have yet to be mass-produced, but individual episodes may be purchased directly from A&E.While traveling through New Rochelle, New York, the team meets Stephen, an out-of-work chef, about to be evicted from his home.He is especially concerned about how this will impact his daughter, Asia, who he dotes on.

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In order to free up John and Andre to get to know the subject of a given episode, they are aided by three producers in an internet-ready mobile RV.

Mark has attempted to go to detox in the past, but a 0 deductible is standing in the way.

As darkness falls, the crew is faced with the choice of breaking one of its cardinal rules, by spending its own money, a decision which splits the group in two, and causes the mild-mannered Molly to use an unexpected swear word.

The crew searches for a non-profit agency interested in hiring Kim.

Reportedly filmed on a "dress rehearsal" day at the very beginning of production, this episode concerns Cleveland and Gary, an asthmatic builder in need of a new cell phone, and a recovering heroin addict, respectively.

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