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Mahavira was married to Yashoda and produced a daughter whose husband, Jamali, became the first disciple of Mahavira.

Vardhamana was educated in all branches of knowledge but he mever enjoyed the materialistic life.

We're not adult dating so please don't post nude images. Parshvanatha was a prince who abandoned the throne and led the life of a hermit.His four main teachings were non-in-jury(ahimsa), non-lying(satya),non-stealing(asateya) and non-possession(aparigraha).They protested against tyranny of the priests, the ritualistic form of religion, the brutality of caste, the dominance of Brahmins, etc.They advocated social equality, justice and freedom, both for men women; rejected the Vedas and the Vedic rituals; denounced sacrifies and propagated the doctrine of non-violence, non-accumlation and love.

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