Officers and enlisted dating

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The fighting spirit of his Brigade comes from himself and was shown in its best form by the speed, determination and fierceness of the thrust. It was on his skilful planning and by his Brigade that the almost inaccessible ZOUAI and FATNASSA features were stormed with complete success against determined opposition on a moonless night, and over 2000 prisoners captured there.Fighter Squadron 111 (VF-111), also known as the Sundowners, was a fighter squadron of the United States Navy.Originally established as Fighter Squadron 11 (VF-11) on 10 October 1942, it was redesignated as VF-11A on 15 November 1946, redesignated as VF-111 on 15 July 1948 and disestablished on 19 January 1959. Navy does not recognize a direct lineage with disestablished squadrons if a new squadron is formed with the same designation.Son (with one half-brother) of Theodore Pointer Lancaster (1869-1938), and Ethel Louise Nash (1869-1899). Meanwhile, a Japanese tank was halted in a lane about 40 yards from Capt. Eustace, commanding 2/5 Royal Gurkha Rifles, approved by Brig. During every hour in these hills casualties were being sustained at the rate of some thirty every day and the whole area was exposed to enemy fire and under direct observation.

Ralph Frederick Loftus-Tottenham, Indian Army & Lt. Married Margaret Ethel Culshaw ( - ), daughter of George Harold Culshaw (1864-1930), and Ethel Louisa Carr (1874-1951); one son.

), daughter (with two sisters) of Allan Gray Frere (1879-1937), and Aelia Katherine Melissa King (1883-1975); one son, two daughters. Stanley Pelham Scott, MA, of Shobrooke, Devonshire; two sons.: (editor with W. Catto) Solah Punjab : the history of the 16th Pubjab Regiment (1967); (with Peter Young) Charge : or, How to play war games (1969, new edition 1986); (editor with Young) History of the British Army (1970); History of the 30th Punjabis (1972); (with Young) Wellington's masterpiece : the Battle and Campaign of Salamanca (1972); History of the Battle of Salamanca (1973); Wellington's Peninsula Army (1973); The Battle of Vitoria 1813 (1973); Clive : Proconsul of India (1976); (editor and contributor) The Cavalry (1976); (with Young) Napoleon : the last campaigns, 1813-15 (1977); Britain's Army in India : from its origins to the conquest of Bengal (1978). Married (, The Cathedral, Calcutta, India) Peggie Elise Borie Leech, daughter of Lt. Alleyn Borie Robert Leech, Indian Army, and Violet Elise Lewis. Joined the clergy, being ordained as Deacon (Probate 1968) to Wotton, Gloucestershire (1967-1970). These tracks were covered by enemy snipers who were extremely active during daylight.

served in the ranks for 1 day; transferred to Army Reserve ; served in the ranks Mobilized Army Reserve for 1 year, 22 days; mobilized Indian Army Reserve of Officers to [1 year, 324 days] Son of F. Youngest son of Mr & Mrs Robert George Laws, of Uphill, Weston-super-Mare. Residence: (1950) Pen-y-Bigil, Ogmore-by-Sea, Glamorgan. Retired as Rector of Aston Ingham and The Lea (from 1970), diocese of Hereford.[Captured after the fall of Tobruk on 26 June 1942 and woke up on an Italian hospital ship before being transferred to Caserta Hospital. It is largely due to his inspiring leadership and personality, contempt of danger and personal example that his Brigade were able to remain in position without relief throughout this period.

Giffard, commanding 11th Army Group.]Son of Frederick William Loftus Tottenham (1870-1936), and Roberta Guadaloupe Barron (? Married 1st () Marjorie Fielden Dare ( - ), daughter of Alfred Dare, of Kobe, Japan; three sons (eldest two killed in action: Lt. Son (with one brother) of John Norman Long (1882-1962), and Margaret Helen Webb (1878-1949).

His clear appreciation of the tactical side of the operations was always of the greatest value and his services throughout the period were outstanding.

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