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But if you go talk to someone and make a fool of yourself, you have to deal with the potential face-to-face awkwardness and rejection.And that’s why some guys read a TON of dating advice while not putting any of it into practice.A woman should laugh or smile when she sees your messages.

Of course, they soon realize that all the reading in the world doesn’t replace genuine knowledge gained from experiences.I hate to break it to you, but it’s to improve your dating skills without trying new things that expand your comfort zone. But what if I told you there was a way to practice AND minimize the odds of getting hurt?Sports athletes don’t just get experience while in the game, they practice off the field all the time. You just need to find avenues where you feel more safe or less invested in the outcome to take action. Stale questions encourage people to give you canned, unenthusiastic responses.That will give you the foundation and confidence to practice in more challenging situations and then get better results, too. That leaves you with little to no interesting content to continue building an engaging conversation. This gets people to actually think about their response and be more vulnerable with you.This is especially true when you only stick to logical questions or questions you don’t care about. You can improve your questions by adding in one or more of these elements: This doesn’t mean you have to get sappy or deep — you can stick to empowering emotions like joy, curiosity, and passion. The problem is that many guys feel like they don’t have the wit in the moment to follow these rules.

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