Islamic polygamous dating site

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Where Islamic polygamy is allowed, women are not allowed multiple husbands.Under Sharia law, an Islam legal system, a man can divorce a woman by saying 'I divorce you' three times but a woman does not have this same privilege."Even though you could say I am incapable of being fair, as only God can be entirely fair, we are trying to make it work.Me and my wives, we're committed to showing people that polygamy isn't as scary as they think," he added.” was created with the intention of “bringing together male users with women who are willing to make 'big families' from one husband,” according to its description.The free smartphone app boasted more than 56,000 users, but as its developer Lindu Pranayama tells Once it relaunches on October 5, the app will feature stricter identity controls.

The app gives a stimulus for polygamy to be accepted in society, and maybe even compels women to accept it."Reuters spoke to three female users of the app, who were open to entering a polygamous relationship, but preferred to remain annonymous.The app, which used a Tinder-like swiping system to express willingness to connect with another user, counted around 40 percent of women among its users.Gender-specific chat rooms allowed users to share their experiences with polygamy or ask for advice.A Muslim leader wants Australian men to be allowed multiple wives and hopes the public will one day support his dream of Islamic marriage equality.Keysar Trad says polygamy is actually a privilege reserved for women, even though only men are allowed multiple spouses under Islamic law.'If public opinion was pushing for a change, that was consistent with my religion, I would not object to it,' he told Daily Mail Australia on Thursday.

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