Inter ratial dating

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AND at least for couples with a foreign citizen spouse what are the stats on the required immigration?

Perhaps women are more likely to immigrate to their husband's home nation.

A quick google found a few sites encouraging black women to approach asian men.

From what I read there, and here's painting with a very broad brush, Asian men are a bit racist when it comes to black women.

Or is there just a significant imbalance in the number of asian-american men who never marry? If so, you're just perpetuating the usual stereotypes, even while gay.

Or am I simply underestimating the number of inter-racial couples with an asian-american man? When this question came up in earlier threads, it was mentioned that OK-Cupid had a real interesting blog on real-life racism in on-line dating.

Granted, some of that is probably due to american soldiers bringing home "war brides" from japan after WW2 and from vietnam/korea after those wars.

The one-kid-per-couple policy, when paired with the cultural preferance for having a son left many of them in orphanages, to be adopted internationally.

Just among my own aquaintances and friends, there are six couples who have adopted daughters from China, with two couples adopting two daughters each. The "war bride" thing would be a factor for many couples older than that.

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In the April 2011 National Geographic print issue, they talked about this in a column.

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