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TRANSITION PERIOD -1954 1) October 1954 (1)October ,23th 1954 (a)The President Eisenhower’s latter to Diem : ___________________________________ Dear Mr President, I have been following with great interest the course of developments in Viet-Nam , particularly since the conclusion of the conference at Geneva. After Liberation War 1976-1980 4.3 THE VIETNAM LIBERATION WAR (VIETNAM CONG HUA 1955-1975) 4.3.1 PROLOG DIEM REGIME (1955-1957) a.Cuoi Nha Tho Moi Phu nhuan –saigon, Chuyen Ban Anh, Tuong Va Cac Do Tho, Dai Ly Sach, Bao Cong-Giao Theng Viet and Giay Vo Ho-Sinh Dunc-Cu Van-Phong Gia (price) 7 Dong.(OD) This cover used as the cover of handwritten’s praying :” Kinh cau cho mau an giac” Chung toi kinh lay @. G, kia giac gom hge,cac dan cac mioc luan chuyen cuan phong,lam cho long chung toi tham nao, con mot chon trai tim chua la noi an anh ma thoi, thi chung toi xin chay vao do.

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Palaez declared that he had not heard a single Vietnamese complain against the Diem regime.I am glad this humanitarian effort We have been exploring ways and means to permit our aid to Viet-Nam to be more effective and to make a greater contribution to the welfare and stability of the Government of Viet-Nam.I am,accordingly, instructing the American Ambassador to Viet-Na,m to examine with you in your capacity as chief of government how an intelligent program of American aid given directly to your Government canserve to assist Viet-Nam in its present hour of trial , provided that your Government is preparedto give assurances as to the standars of performance it would be able t main tain the event such aid were supplied.Xua thanh Pheri keu cung Chua rang : Lay Chua, xin cuuu chung toi cho khoi chet chim, thi Chua thuong dep an song bien, nay xin Chua nham loi chung toi cau nguyen mia tha toi nhon dan, cho ban the giai xon xao dang on binh tinh. Me da cun cap chung toi ghe phen khon buc, xin Me cuu giup phu ho bau chua chung toi. please comment and tranlate the handwritten “Kinh cao cho mau an giac “-auth) (b) The best of Nguyen Bao Tung Phillatelic ’s colection contains stamps from the Government led by the late President Ngo-Dinh-diem from 1955 to 1963 and he had the covers with Diem signed and official sealed stamped 11) November 1955 (1)The original vintage photo of the Vietnamese’s soldier party at the restaurant “Nghi Xuan” The soldier with civil complete dress, and two flag there, Vietnam Cong Hoa ‘s yelow three green strip and the military AVRN flag ,s one bigger star.“Buoi tiec dtai chien si Hoang Dieu tai nha hang Nghi Xuan “ ( best flag thematic photo’s collec-tions, auth) 12) December 1955 (1) December ,9th.1955 The two original vintage black-white photos of a Vietnamese traveler’s group to an ancient building “ Cuoc du lich o Nam-vian na De Thien De Thu trong 3 ngay 9-10-11 Decembre 1955.” (Please someone translate, where Thien De Thu trong 3 ?

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