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Constructed on mud fill with a slab foundations supported on piles into dense sand. I don't know if the sand is saturated, but, there could also be problems during a seismic event...

I sure wouldn't want to be in a building like that during the soon-to-happen next Big One. Professional and Structural Engineer (ME, NH, MA) American Concrete Industries HOA added that it is exploring its legal option and could pursue damages from several parties, including the developer, the original design professionals, the original contractors and the Transbay Joint Powers Authority.

What if these dense (previously) sands have been draining through the slurry walls and into the Market Street Station dewatering system and no one knows this? I presume the walls are structural like on BART, a first at the time. A new icon to advertise for tourists for the local money mongerers - The Leaning Tower of San Francisco - And Vegas can take bets as to when it will fall too. Mike Mc Cann, PE, SE (WA) Rather than make fun of the situation I am more interested in finding out what led to the mistake so that others may not make the same. there is no negligence by running piles to dense sand rather than bedrock.

I'm not really trying for some witness per diem, honest. Excavation is just like BART - cut and cover using soldier piles and concrete slurry walls. I also read that they consider the Lower Market Street Bart Station to be obsolete. This is a serious situation I am sure not one of us would want to be in. I know next-to-nothing about civil/geotech, but is grouting an option on something this big to at least stabilize and stop further sinking? I'd hate to think what a seismic event would do this site. v=BKor P55Aqvg FAQ731-376: Forum Policies forum1529: Translation Assistance for Engineers Somewhat of a side note, but... If each pile can develop the capacity it needs in the dense sand, where's the problem?

The expectation is that re-leveling will soon be 90 degrees after the building lays down.

Not only is the tilt increasing, the tilt rate is increasing. Has anyone make a graph of the two factors or has the data been too poorly collected to make a useful prediction?

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