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They talk to me in english I just tell them to leave.

I would never bring them to Canada & I know I'm the sugar daddy & enjoy every minute of it. I know they are not that intelligent & I am the best thing that ever happened to them.

I will never get married & have no interest in canadian women. I keep in contact with my girls regularily & we send naughty emails back & forth to keep our time away interesting.

The thing is I understand my role as the bankroll & they know their roll as my lovers.

They are good friends now & don't mind sharing the wealth. I won't go to Havana again but Holguin is no issues with walking hand & hand with locals.

One other thing I had a bad ear infection on xmas day. if you are looking for 1 nighters then don't leave money out or any valuables. I went to Havana 3 times, Varadero once & Holguin twice.

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