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Just as our Lord's humanity is, in resurrection, superior to angels in every way (Heb.1:4 - ), so also we are destined to share that superiority with Him in our resurrection (1Cor.6:3; Heb.2:5).

7) : The involvement of angelic beings in human affairs is part and parcel of their role in promoting (or, in the case of the fallen angels, opposing) God's plan for human history (see "Satan's Rebellion" immediately below).

And like us, they are created to serve and worship God for His glory (Ps.1-21; 148:2; Matt.; Heb.; Rev.4:8).

5) : In terms of power and ability, the present angelic superiority to mankind is obvious in every passage of scripture in which they are described.

Though some would come to choose against Him, all the angels were originally created holy (Deut.33:2; Ps.89:7; Mk.; Lk.).

God created all angelic kind at this time (including Satan and all those who would eventually rebel against Him).

They were present at His birth (Lk.-14), temptation (Matt.), resurrection (Lk.24:4), ascension (Acts -11), and return (2Thes.1:7), evidence which underscores angelic interest in the most crucial phase of God's plan, namely the life and work of the Messiah.

By observation, angels are learning (to their joy in the case of the elect angels, to their sorrow in the case of the fallen angels) about the wisdom, the power, the grace and the mercy of God (cf. 8) : In any discussion of angels, it is important to keep in mind both their present superiority and their eventual subordination to us.

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Further, angels are not subject to death (Lk.), nor do they reproduce (Mk.), leading us to the conclusion that their number has been the same since their collective creation. (i.e., "out of nothing") creation of the universe described Genesis 1:1, and before the restoration of the earth (described also at Job 38:4-7) which followed God's initial judgment upon the universe because of Satan's rebellion (the results of which are described in Genesis 1:2 and following). And so they will acknowledge Me: "Only in the Lord are righteousness and might." Before Him will come all who raged against Him and they will be put to shame. God, who created the universe and everything in it, even He who is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples our hands have made, nor is He ministered to by the hands of men (as if He needed anything from us) – [on the contrary], He is the One who gives life and breath and everything else to us all. God is the Potter, and all we His creatures are the clay, created for the praise of His glory, and His glory we shall praise on that day of eternity and forevermore (Is.; 45:9; 64:8; Jer.18:4-6; Rom.). From my mouth a righteous word has gone forth, which will not be revoked, that every knee will bow to Me, and to Me every tongue will swear. Though their capabilities currently surpass those of human beings, they are still "fellow servants" of God, and subordinate to Him in every way (Rev.; 22:9). God did not "need" to create the universe, or angels, or mankind, or anything, for that matter. This was true before His first act of creation, and remains and will remain so throughout the course of creature history and into eternity.

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