Dating an unbeliever

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If you want to get married, then YOU have to find a spouse.God’s will concerning marriage is what I call post-determined as opposed to pre-determined.You will always find some flaw in the other person that you don’t like.Secondly, if you believe that God predestined both of you to be together, then you are likely to believe that the relationship will “just work out”. It is a couple’s job to handle the problems that come up in a relationship.But note that God actually never told Hosea to marry Gomer specifically. For example, one man may decide he wants to marry someone who doesn’t work. Yes God brings people in and out of our lives, but ultimately it is we who decide, not God.If I may be so bold, God does not care who you marry (providing it’s a fellow Christian) or whether you marry.There are only two examples of God telling people whom to marry – Hosea and Joseph. He has only set one condition for us – that believers marry fellow believers (2 Cor ; 1 Cor ). As far as God is concerned, it does not matter whether you marry someone who is fat or thin, short or tall, brown eyed or blue eyed. God also does not care one bit whether you marry for ministry or not. There are some people who believe that (I used to).God told Joseph to marry Mary, mainly to facilitate his plan of redemption. Now suppose things did in fact work out for John and Jane, and they got married, lived happily ever after. The bible clearly teaches that although we have a diversity of ministries, it’s all one Spirit (1 Cor 12:4-6).

This requires an aggressive and pro-active attitude toward the relationship. God is very much involved in our day to day lives, especially important decisions like who we marry. Just to illustrate, how do you trust God to supply your needs? Every relationship will have problems and everyone will have qualities that drive you insane. A good spouse is someone with whom you can have a happy relationship and with whom you can resolve many of the problems that arise. Relationships are hard, especially for people who have known only singleness all their life. But the happiest marriages I know are between people who’ve decided that whatever comes their way, it will not separate them. The problem with many folks is that they don’t know what they want. If it takes you longer than 3 months to know whether or not you would like to marry a particular person, then you don’t know what you want. God worked it out so beautifully that even her parents had to acknowledge that this was God’s will. Finally, we should not only focus on what traits the other person should have, but we should also consider whether we are the kind of person that person would want. Character development and self improvement should be a way of life.If you’re already married, I pray that God will give you the strength and endurance to work on your marriage, and build a rock solid family that will do wonders for the kingdom of God.Home PDF Comment Bookmark Isaac never went looking for a wife.If you’re single and searching, I pray that what I’ve written has helped you in some way.Please don’t trust God for something He did not promise.

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