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Most people find it very intimidating to negotiate with a lender and thus hire a private firm if this is the route they choose.

Firms that specialize in this also have many tricks in how they deal with lenders that makes them more likely to negotiate.

We specialize in helping borrowers take advantage of income driven programs and would love to help you assess and improve your situation.

The efficacy of this method of student loan forgiveness is still unclear, but we will continue to monitor it and update as more cases are tried.Generally there are two ways that settlement companies settle private student loans In both cases the lender sees that the borrower can pay a large chunk of the debt up front and thus is more willing to take an offer of settlement.This varies tremendously, some borrowers are unable to settle, but many settle for significantly less than the original loan.Before you decide to refinance your federal student loans into a private refinance loan, be sure to consider this drawback: You may be giving up some federal student loan benefits that are important to you.One of the key benefits of refinancing your private student loans is payment relief.

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