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Basic members get to search for and communicate with everyone but the real celebrities. Our system will help you pick from thousands of celebrity choices so your bound to find a star that you sort of resemble. Everybody on earth sort of looks like someone else.

If you want to communicate with our real celebrities than you'll need to purchase a VIP Membership for per month. Each individual who joins CDN will be asked to select the name of a celebrity they sort of look like and then to self rate the strength of that resemblance on a scale of 2 to 10.

About the Celebrity Look-Alike Dating Show on the WB Men and women who think they look like famous people will be made over to resemble them more closely and sent on a blind date where they'll try to pass as the real celebrity.

At some point everyone’s dreamed of dating a celebrity (don’t deny it, we won’t believe you anyway).

Others just want to date someone who sort of looks like their ex.

Since most people tend to have a certain "type", CDN can help you find and meet your type.

At that point you must use one of your email credits which can only be obtained by purchasing a VIP Membership How do I start to communicate with and possibly date real celebrities?

Just click on the Register To Join link at the top of the page and then purchase the VIP Membership Subscription when prompted to do so How do I actually communicate with celebrities and celebrity look a likes? You send them a message via our system and then the celebrity responds via our system.

The Celebrity Dating Network (CDN) is a patented new service which allows people to accomplish five incredible things: 1) It allows ordinary people to meet and to date actual celebrities 2) It allows celebrities to meet and date other real celebrities 3) It allows you to search for and date people who resemble your favorite celebrity 4) It allows you to search for and date people who resemble the great love of your life 5) It will allow you to search for and date people who look like your last boyfriend / girlfriend Is CDN just for celebrity seekers and people who look like celebrities? It's designed to allow you to find someone based on a "look".RELATED: So, It Looks Like a Ton of Celebrities Are Actually Breaking FTC Laws on Instagram While the dating sites might not be too happy with right now, we still think this kind of technology could (literally) change the face of virtual dating. The Academy Awards are just around the corner, and everyone around Match is buzzing with Oscar fever.If the celebrity is interested in you they'll contact you and take it from there.Like any dating service, celebrities and basic members retain full control over who they decide to respond to or communicate with.

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