Benefits black man dating white woman

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Among Britain's ethnic minorities, according to the census, one pre-school child in five is now of mixed race. This throws a spanner into the bizarre social work policy of ethnically-correct adoption and fostering.

The new study should help speed up the process of ceasing to regard ethnic minorities as a single undifferentiated mass - the "blacks", as both left and right combine to call them.

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Mr and Mrs Patel are willing to work longer hours than Mr and Mrs Smith. Research shows that Indian families in Britain are now, on average, at least as well-off as their white counterparts. The West Indians were the first of the great post-war immigrations, but their numbers are falling fast.Even so, one in five young black women has a partner who is white.These figures emerge from the enthralling new results of the 1991 census, which for the first time asked people to classify themselves ethnically.They may then demand some control over what happens to it.As these trends evolve, Indian marriage is becoming less an old- style, pre-arranged alliance between families, and more of a new-style partnership between individuals.

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